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Art & Culture | Music MUSIC OF DAYAK

Dayak tribe has various musical instruments, such as plucking instrument, beating instrument and woodwind instrument.

In its daily life, music is also important means of communication and praising to the powerful, either the spirits or human being.

Besides, these musical instruments were also used for accompanying various dances.

Just like in the dance, they also have some forms of rhythm in the music and also certain songs to accompany a dance or certain ceremony. Each has its own uniqueness.

There are many kinds of drums known by Dayak Tanjung tribe such as Prahi, Gimar, Tuukng Tuat and Pampong.

It is a big gong which is hung on a supporting platform just like Javanese gongs.

It is similar with Javanese gongs, which is 50-60 cm in diameter.

It is a kind of beating musical instrument of which the blade are made of ulin timber. It is similar to saron in Java.

Jatung Tutup
It is a big drum with 3 m in length and 50 cm in diameter.

Jatung Utang
It is a kind of beating musical instrument made of timber with shape similar to gambang (traditional instrument similar to xylophone.). It has 12 keys, hung from top to bottom and was played by both hands.

It is a woodwind musical instrument made of banana stem and has 5 bamboo pipes which is played by manipulating air inside the mouth cavity in order to produce buzzing tones.

It is a beating musical instrument consists of six small gongs which are arranged according to certain tone in a square-like supporting platform. It has similarity in shape to bonang instrument in Java. The small gongs are made of brass while the platform is made of timber.

It is a kind of guitar or plucking instrument with 3 or 4 strings. It usually decorated with special Dayak ornaments or carvings.

It is a woodwind musical instrument made of bamboo. There are some types of suliikng: Bangsi/Serunai, Suliikng Dewa, Kelaii and Tompong.

It is a small gong which is hung on a supporting platform. The beater is made of smoother timber.

Uding (Uring)
It is a kind of kecapi (plucking instrument) made of bamboo or coconut tree. This instrument is also known as Genggong (Bali) or Karinding (West Java).


Voice/Musical Art of Kutai is largely influenced by Malay and Islamic culture. Some of them are:

1. Tingkilan Music
The special musical art of Kutai is Tingkilan music, which has something in common with Malayan art. Some musical instruments involved in Tingkilan are Gambus (a kind of six-string guitar) ketipung (a kind of small drum), kendang (a kind of rebana which is big and has only one side of leather).
Tingkilan music is accompanied by song called betingkilan. Betingkilan means acting and replying each other. In the past, Tingkilan was held by two singers of man and women who were replying each other with the song containing advices, love, praise, or even teasing or mocking using funny words. This Tingkilan music is also used to accompany gathering dance of Kutai people, that is Jepen Dance.

2. Hadrah
This art uses terbang or rebana instrument. This art is carried out while beating the terbang accompanied by songs in Arabic language taken from Barjanji Book. This kind of art is usually performed to accompany a procession of delivering groom to the bride?s house, besides, it also performed at Islamic holydays.




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