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Traditional drama art of Kutai people is called Mamanda. This term was assumed to be rooted from pamanda or paman (uncle) term.

In a play, it is a King's designation addressed to the ministers, wajir (governor) or mangkubumi (high administrators) using pamanda menteri, pamanda wajir, and pamanda mangkubumi. Because of the frequent use of the word 'pamanda' in every performance, then the term became the label of the performance.

In the past, traditional drama of Mamanda was one of the popular performances in Kutai. This art was always performed in every national celebration, wedding ceremony, circumcision, and so forth.

Mamanda is one of the favorite performances of Kutai people. It can be compared with Kethoprak and Ludruk in Java. If the plot performed in Mamanda is about a kingdom, then the performance will resemble Kethoprak.

However, if the plot is just a folktale, then the performance will resemble Ludruk. In the performance, Mamanda always uses two kinds of musical instruments: Gendang and Violin.

Unfortunately, nowadays this art is rarely performed publicly. Nonetheless, at the Erau Festival in Tenggarong city, this art is usually performed in public as one of the entertainment program. While in local TV media, Mamanda art is broadcasted once in a week.




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