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The traditional Dayak House is known as Lamin. The shape of Lamin custom house of every Dayak tribe is generally the same. Lamin is usually built facing the river. It has basic shape of square. The length of Lamin is 200 meter at most with the width of 20 to 25 meters. In the yard around Lamin, there are big statues that are the sacrificial form for ancestor (blang).

Lamin is staged house (with pit below the house) using the roof in a saddle shape. The height of the pit can reach as high as 4 meters. In order to go up into the Lamin, there is a ladder made of tree stalk which is cut notched to form the stair and this ladder is movable. This is meant as an effort to anticipate the attack from enemies or beasts.

In the beginning, Lamin is dwelled by many families living in chambers inside Lamin, however, this custom has already faded away. There is a long porch in front of Lamin which functions as the place to held marriage ceremony, delivering the baby, death ceremony, harvesting ceremony and so forth. Behind the torch there are big chambers. There are 5 families in every chamber.

Lamin of the noble or chief of the tribe is usually full of beautiful decoration and carvings at the pillar and the wall. Ornament at the top of the roof can reach 3 to 4 meters. The wall of Lamin belonging to nobleman or chief of tribe is usually made of wood while those belongs to common people is made of bark.




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